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primordial process



No  things, no time,

Just Process

Process, Process.

Continual becoming,

Such pressure ongoing!

Creation from  whence

The Big Bang  came.

But it’s happening

All the time,

All the time.

But I am here with a vertex

A point of view

A perspective

Anything can happen

Tho’ common things

Happen frequently.

Everything is everywhere

All the time.

Just wait and observe.

By the Law of Least Action

At random apparently

The universe is built.

Common events occur commonly

And I can choose

As I am conscious

And have free will..

The builder?

The Everything

And Anything

The Source

Of love and power.

Is Everywhere.

So something is observed

By me

But I did not create it.

And spacetime begins.

It is always beginning

And always ending.


evidence for past lives

There is much evidence for the existence of past lives much of the best coming from the work of the late Ian Stevenson.  In some cases the situations may be quite dramatic, for example the child who confronted its murderer in a previous life.  The evidence was so accurate that the man confessed and was convicted of the crime.



non-ordinary conscious state: I hypnagogic state

A hypnagogic state ( a non-ordinary conscious state) may exist transiently between waking and sleeping either when going to sleep, when sleeping very lightly or when waking up.  It may be very realistic particularly when ‘dozing’ for long periods of time.

Often there are distortions of the sensation of time or body form:

beginning and ending at the same time

entirely in the present

there were continual beginners

there were continual doers

trance-like state in which time stood still

dreaming of being


stuck in the immediate present like a stuck record

Hubble ultra deep field picture, revised June 3rd 2014


A further addition to the magnificent series of deep field pictures from the Hubble telescope allowing us to look back in time up to 13.2 billion years, to only 450 million years after the beginnings of our universe.
This beautiful picture is in the southern-hemisphere constellation of Fornax. For the first time it includes the full range of ultraviolet to near-infrared light. This field of 3.4 arcminutes along each edge contains an estimated 10,000 galaxies and will be used in the search for the earliest to form.

sigourney weaver talks about the making of Avatar 2, 3 and 4

Sigourney Weaver is busy now. Cast in Exodus (to be released later this year) as Touya, the mother of Rameses, she is at present filming sequels of Avatar with James Cameron. Though secret, it has been well-trailed that there are at least three films being shot simultaneously, Avatar 2, 3 and 4. She has spoken about the Avatar project recently. A further Aliens sequel Prometheus 2 is scheduled for release in 2016.
Sigourney Weaver

From Avatar 2.
Sigourney Weaver 2
sigourney-weaver-914945l-214x0-wtm-ae022bfapic_13pic_1sigourneyweaver-workinggirl-800x540.png weaverpic_7
Sigourney Weaver 5


quantum biology? be surprised if it does not exist
We are witnessing the dawn of the real investigation of the possibility that nature may harness quantum mechanics to use in biological systems. Though Erwin Schrödinger alluded to the possibility it in his book “What is life” published in 1944 the experimental investigation is only beginning now. Considered way out until recently the possibility that quantum effects may occur at room temperature in biological systems is now accepted as a real possibility;


Consciousness, it is suggested has a quantum mechanical basis.


climate change must be taken seriously, doctors as leaders of opinion should set an example

Cone snails produce a wide variety of powerful toxins: naturally occurring drugs with potentially enormous potential for use in medicine. As components of the coral reefs whose survival is threatened by global warming the potential use of these is being put at risk.
Just one example of the unknown and unpredictable effects of global warming.



the amazon rainforest is burning: we need it for our survival: act now

Resources are limited on this earth we all share. Tha Amazon rain forest, one of the biggest of the earth’s ‘lungs’ is burning and dying. Take note and act before it is too late. Humanity must find some way of valuing the environment and pricing it’s destruction into our economics. Continual economic growth is just not possible. While the newspapers are full of the damage humans do to each other, we are sleep walking to an environmental and economic disaster.

Burning rainforest-001a
Burning rainforest

music from the stone age


Tanzania rock gong

An awareness of the complexity and potential of stone age instruments when they are played leads to a deeper understanding of our ancestors. An understanding that results in an awareness that these people living so long ago differed so little from us. They laughed loved and cried like all of us and expressed these feelings in music and rhythm. This may well have had a significant effect on our evolution as a species.