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evidence that poison gas has been used in syria by assad’s 7th army: individuals are responsible and should be prosecuted at the hague

Do we need to revisit the horrors of poison gas used in war?poison5


No one in their right mind can support a state using poison gas against its own people.

The response is simple, effective and non-violent: those states, organizations indeed all entities and individuals supporting Assad in Syria from now on should be deemed to also responsible for the use of gas.

These leaders or Heads of State all will be held individually responsible and will be prosecuted at the Court of Human Rights;
No more planes flying from Iran.
No more boats or planes from Russia
No more blocking of the UN Security Council by China

Support in the UN Security Council is moral support and individuals who provide this moral support should also be held individually responsible.

I have seen sufficient evidence of poison gas usage on the BBC News, Sky News and the Times correspondent among others to put this beyond reasonable doubt. Assad’s government must take the responsibility as the only side to have this material in Syria. It is their duty to secure, or destroy it. Implicit in referral to the Hague would be a full investigation of the facts and testing of the evidence.

added 29 04 2013 Confidential document from Commander of 7th Regiment Assads Syrian army. All soldiers are ordered to wear gas masks in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta……

killer robots are nearly available; they need to be directly controlled by humans who take responsibility for their actions

BNP Red, White and Blue festivalimagesCA7P43XA3robotsimagesCAHC3UVMsans-titreIncreasingly independent automated weapons are becoming possible with advances in technology and computing. Until recently for example it was not possible for a vehicle to travel cross-country autonomously for long periods of time. A problem which has now been overcome although there is still a dependence on a functioning global positioning system.

Potentially robots can come in all shapes and sizes on the battlefield, drones, automatic guns, missiles, bomb detection vehicles, mobile grenades for clearing buildings, miniaturized flying machines carrying video or a bomb.

It does not take much imagination to predict what could happen if an unscrupulous or deranged leader became able to use these autonomous machines. Much literature describes these scenarios, Issac Asimov indeed developed the rules of robotics and examined the possible consequences in his writings. It is not impossible to imagine that the time is near when a robot appropriately programmed could be used as a carer in an old people’s home, a prison guard, a soldier or an executioner.




prehistoric art


An exhibition of portable stone age art at the British Museum, London. It is as if these beautiful works were created yesterday, so fresh and vibrant are they. An exhibition worth seeing and reflecting on. It is as if these ancestors of ours from all those years ago were speaking to us. There are toys, moving images of animals, as if in a modern cartoon, and of course the perennial interest in the female form,

current climate models are incomplete and should not be relied on for accurate prediction


This summer there was a record melt of the Greenland ice sheet. Conditions were so extreme that there has been such a warm summer once every 150 years during the last 4000 years recorded in the Greenland ice core record. Not only was there unusually warm air coming up from the south but there was much low cloud. Though cloud reflects light the cloud over Greenland during the summer was thin enough to allow the radiation of the sun to pass through but critically prevented the heat radiating from the ice shet escaping, trapping it and so adding to the thaw.The Greenland ice cap contains 3 million cubic metres of ice, enough to raise the surface of the oceans by 7.4 metres if it all melted.

Clearly most major cities would be totally submerged. The timescale of this melting if the warm weather continues is not possible to predict.

Though the overall temperature is following the lower edge of the envelope predicted by the current climatic models the models are far from complete and cannot be relied on to provide accurate predictions.

A Few Words on North Korea

There is much truth in what you say unfortunately. There is a long list of situations where ‘honour’ (honor) rather than sense determines people’s actions especially when they are misinformed by a paranoid leader. with a chip on his shoulder. Sounds familiar?

한glish Quest!

Hey! ‘Sup? Missed you guys.

So, I thought, given all the interesting panicked IMs I get on Facebook, I should probably say a few words about North Korea. The sexy and charismatic Kim Jong-un is sick of Psy getting all the attention and has decided to bomb Seoul. This is war: Gangnam Style.

Now, there is nothing to be alarmed about. Gangnam is on the other side of the river and we’re still waiting on the 1993 “Sea of Fire” that was promised.

In all seriousness, I have a few theories as to why this is such a big deal right now. First, a few casual observations:

1. Kim Jung-un is a new leader and the world’s youngest head of state. He is the youngest son and yet still ended up in power in a country that is very isolated and sandwiched between two modernized countries with rising economic power…

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