Hypnotised by The Intricate Play of Consciousness

Thought provoking. In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king.


Where We Are Wrong

We have come to believe that there actually exists a real work in which we actually exist. We call it the external world; we experience and know this world through our senses. This external world exists independently of our experience of it. Experience is subjective while the world is objective. The world has independent existence; we and our consciousness have emerged as a result of the natural processes inside this world. We see ourselves as this species called humans. We find existence a peculiar thing and struggle to make sense of it. Religion, science, and philosophy are the three traditions that have arisen in order to address this existential dilemma.

Where we are wrong is where we misunderstand consciousness and experience:

We think that the world exists independently of our experience of it; but this thought itself is part of our experience of the world.

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