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Hubble ultra deep field picture, revised June 3rd 2014


A further addition to the magnificent series of deep field pictures from the Hubble telescope allowing us to look back in time up to 13.2 billion years, to only 450 million years after the beginnings of our universe.
This beautiful picture is in the southern-hemisphere constellation of Fornax. For the first time it includes the full range of ultraviolet to near-infrared light. This field of 3.4 arcminutes along each edge contains an estimated 10,000 galaxies and will be used in the search for the earliest to form.

le pays basque 1950

A report from the Pays Basque in 1950 by Orson Wells. The creator of Citizen Kane in his own inimitable style giving an early example of excellent film journalism. The conundrum of the origin and fate of the Basque people is with us now as it was then but against the background of the European Community rather than Franco“s Spain and the Second World War
A fascinating insight into how things change yet stay the same.