le pays basque 1950


A report from the Pays Basque in 1950 by Orson Wells. The creator of Citizen Kane in his own inimitable style giving an early example of excellent film journalism. The conundrum of the origin and fate of the Basque people is with us now as it was then but against the background of the European Community rather than Franco“s Spain and the Second World War
A fascinating insight into how things change yet stay the same.


science and nonduality


From the last conference:

A wide ranging discussion chaired by Deepak Chopra: What is consciousness? Where are memories stored?
Listen carefully to this fascinating discussion showing how science and spirituality are interacting.
Where is the non physical portion of the universe?

nelson mandela


This is his full length funeral in Soweto as presented by ITN.

Nelson Mandela is dead.

Father of the Rainbow Nation

Nelson Mandela is dead!

His shadow covers us all.

Nelson Mandela is dead!!

Implacable defender of liberty.

Nelson Mandela is dead!!!

Respected by his enemies.
Nelson Mandela is dead!!!!!

He was magnanimous in victory.

Nelson Mandela is dead!!!!!

Reconciliation the only way.

Nelson Mandela lives on.

New movie: The Long Walk to Freedom.