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<mercedes-left-right-brain-2.jpg">mercedes-left-right-brain-2imagesCACUX1F0 I need to understand my brain! This is a picture of an experiment to show the degree of connectiveness of the twelve main activity centres in the brain, six on each side.

David Rock gives an excellent talk; why insight is so important. Greenfield lecturing to the Australian National University. Interesting introduction is a demonstration of academic aggressive competition. Note that Professor Greenfield excludes pantheism from her discussion as being unapproachable using scientific methods. If something is all around one can’t sense it. Like the story of the wise goldfish trying to teach the youngster about water.

With collaboration across Europe this ambitious project to simulate the human brain in a supercomputer should revolutionize our understanding of the brain. It also have a major impact on the design and programming of computers. As usual, it will raise more questions than answers. At present the computer hardware to run the simulation of the entire human brain is not available. If Moore’s law holds up there should be a big enough machine by 2021. Perhaps a quantum computer!

ellen key

Ellen Key (1849 – 1926) was a Swedish teacher and writer and a fiercely independent individualist with a love of nature. Sometimes termed feminist, though hardly appropriate partly because the term had hardly been coined in her time but also because she regarded men and women as equal, though different. She was largely self-educated at home, having the use of her parent’s extensive library from a very young age. Her father, Emil Key a prominent Swedish liberal politician was an important influence on her life. For a few years she acted as her father’s secretary and ran his home when he was in Stockholm and accompanied him on travels abroad. Latterly he fell into debt and she had to make her own career becoming a gifted teacher, running her own school for girls in Stockholm. The articles in Swedish here can be translated by the sites on request.ellen nkeya

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Ellen Key’s Strand is her beautiful home and was also a school for girls on the shore of lake Vatter and at the foot of the Omberg hill is in a very traditional area of Sweden, Ostergotland. The beautiful gardens are being renovated and developed as she intended.
The most influential book Ellen Key wrote was ‘The century of the Child’

self directed neuroplasticity is becoming ever more apparent that our brains are malleable throughout our lives. This has practical consequences and affirms much traditional ancient wisdom. Though not necessarily easy to do, it is possible to learn to do new things or to do them in a different way and this results in changes to brain structure. One of the oldest aphorisms in neuroscience quotes Dr D Hebb ‘Neurones that fire together wire together.’ If used correctly, meditation and relaxation will result in such changes. Recovery from brain injury using intensive physiotherapy depends on this malleability; There are limits to recovery though.
A good video by Dr Rick Hanson is Stress Proof your Brain.
The Neurology of Awakening is an excellent and very practical summary of the evidence for self directed neuroplasticity and how to use it to change oneself.<a

command performance 1912

The programme of the Command Performance at the Palace (Buckingham) July 1st 1912. The performances taken from recordings on the internet evoke the atmosphere and feelings that were around just prior to the 1st World War when Music Hall was at its height.
You can look at the names on the programme search for more of these performances from that bygone age. Compare with the Jubilee Concert last year to see how much things have changed in the last 100 years.