bordeaux today 31 january 2013

Top View of Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge and central Bordeaux from the pont de Mitterrand. Taken from a moving bus.
Second Port de la Lune on a sunny day from Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge
Third New. The Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge which lifts up to let ships through. The centre section is raised up using winches in the four towers.
Fourth Old. The Roman arena remains, but only as remains. Bordeaux was a major regional centre of the Roman Empire for hundreds of years.

attracting attention

We all like attention. How to get it?
Einstein was very attractive to many women because of his intellect rather than his looks. Another strategy to follow to be is to be big, very big and you get noticed. This works better for men than for women.
Another approach is more direct. Exposure of parts of the body having sexual connotations, the more exposure the better, and the more often the better. (I choose not to be explicit here, but little could be more explicit than the man’s pants)
Third is more subtle and indirect, male and female have different approaches here, but here both use red. The man looks away pretending not to be interested or ‘on display’. In fact though by following his gaze, as you do…..
The woman is looking directly but her expression is saying ‘Me, interested in you?’

Not very far from the Bower bird and the Peacock!

selling and advertising-beauty has a value

One of my favourite french actresses Audrey Tautou is a very beautiful woman. Like everyone else in the public eye can she can link her image with the image of a product by advertising. The aim is to act to the advantage of both; greater exposure for the personality and greater sales for the product. What is she selling? I think you will guess from the top right hand corner of the photo. I could not avoid including it in the photo I took of the advertisement in an upmarket magazine here in France. The product is so well known you can guess from the fragments of the letters. This product is sold (or given) to increase the attractiveness of a woman.
Interesting how much the human brain “fills in” what it perceives from information that is memorized in addition to what is experienced.

You put it so beautifully. I am interested to see how this ‘classic’style comes out in my blog’s format. It also links beautifully with the saga of Gilgamesh! Thanks


hieroglyphicsYellow PadsLaptopComputer

Ancient Egyptian writers depended upon chisels and stone as the medium for their hieroglyphics. I’m sure many of them embraced the advances in technology that introduced other resources for their passions. Yet, I imagine there were some who struggled to move forward gleefully.

There was a time when pads of yellow paper graced nearly every table top of our home, patiently waiting for any random thoughts of gibberish to find its way onto a meticulously clean surface. With my companions, a smooth writing pen and lined paper, I delight in sitting cross-legged on my couch or out on the deck, scribbling away with the security of knowing I can rip off a page, crumble it and have a clean slate ready for my next attempt.

Much like reminiscing through old photographs, I can pick up a journal or notebook stuffed with pages of deep thoughts, easily revisiting my attempts to…

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languages, love and compassion

th.jpgkuan yin

A statue of the chinese bodisattva of compassion Guanyin, the equivalent of Avalokitesvara in India. A bodisattva is an entity which works without ceasing for the good of all beings. Probably originating to some extent from the Hindu concept of Krishna, the creator, Buddhist doctrine subsequently disavowed the concept of a creator God. Initially male in India, by the time it reached China Guanyin had become female. Avalokitesvara literally means ‘one who looks down on the world and senses (by literally looking with sound) the sadness and lamentation.’ Note the ambiguous sexuality of this statue.

Love is a word with multiple meanings in English. which leads to great confusion. For example Greek has four words for love. In general terms:

agape sacrificial love, for country, family (appropriated by Christians as the love for God)
eros erotic,sexual love
philia dispassionate friendship, described by Aristotle
storge affection usually within the family. Rarely used in ancient times.

Trying to understand spiritual ideas can be very difficult and language can lead one astray. The Buddha spoke a dialect of what is now Pali. Many of his teachings were first written in Pali after his death. The text may then have been translated into Sanskrit, then Chinese, Tibetan before being translated into, say English in modern times.
There is plenty of room for error and confusion. Many of the original texts have been lost and now exist only in Chinese or Tibetan. Perhaps it is better to use the word compassion rather then love for the way a bodisattva behaves.


Elegant_Hazel />malemale-vs-female-eyebrows-cropped
How far are we genetically programmed as individuals to respond to what we see? How much do we acquire by experience? How much can we learn to let go? To learn to stop grasping at what we are attracted to is very difficult. Advertising is mostly about putting such stimuli where they can influence our behaviour. On the whole females are less attracted to a picture of a sexy man than men are to a picture of a sexy woman. Generally overt human sexuality is treated as private and is hidden. It is often dealt with using humour and playful behaviour as a diversion. Coming to terms with ones sexuality and accepting it as a part of oneself is an important part of individuation and is often one of the most difficult parts of this process to work through.

some things are beautiful, but beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

David Attenborough at his best describing the nest of the Bower bird which it uses to attract the female. Th Bower bird is nondescript to look at, unlike the peacock which has gone to the other extreme, being brilliantly decorated and putting on an impressive display.Mallard are less exhihibitionist, though both the male and the female have patches of brilliant colour. The flashes under the wings are only visible when the wings are used, acting as a sign.

The brilliant colors are very similar in mallard and peacock. If you look at the facade of the Café du Levant there are the same bright attractive colours. What about the use of colour in the Sistene Chapel?

gilgamesh, the story of a king

Yahoo! Video Detail for The Epic of Gilgamesh #1gilgameshpicture

Gilgamesh was a powerful king in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) about 4500 years ago. His life was the subject of an epic story which has come down to us inscribed on clay tablets. It is the oldest written story, or perhaps history, to survive and contains all the elements of a modern drama, power, deceit, sex and vanity. The technology of writing symbols on tablets was developed to keep track of valuables, like cattle. Human nature has not changed.