evidence for past lives

There is much evidence for the existence of past lives much of the best coming from the work of the late Ian Stevenson.  In some cases the situations may be quite dramatic, for example the child who confronted its murderer in a previous life.  The evidence was so accurate that the man confessed and was convicted of the crime.






non-ordinary conscious state: I hypnagogic state

A hypnagogic state ( a non-ordinary conscious state) may exist transiently between waking and sleeping either when going to sleep, when sleeping very lightly or when waking up.  It may be very realistic particularly when ‘dozing’ for long periods of time. 


Often there are distortions of the sensation of time or body form:

beginning and ending at the same time

entirely in the present

there were continual beginners

there were continual doers

trance-like state in which time stood still

dreaming of being


stuck in the immediate present like a stuck record

consciousness-think the unthinkable! david chalmers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhRhtFFhNzQ&list=PLOGi5-fAu8bHIuDroDz5U-jifBmFLp5zA&hd=1   Is consciousness a fundamental component of our universe? Is consciouness, of a sort, everywhere througout the universe? Panpsychism is an ancient point of view and becoming widely accepted as a possible way of integrating recent disoveries in physics and neuroscience into a coherent understanding of how our consciousness(es) arises.