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sigourney weaver talks about the making of Avatar 2, 3 and 4

Sigourney Weaver is busy now. Cast in Exodus (to be released later this year) as Touya, the mother of Rameses, she is at present filming sequels of Avatar with James Cameron. Though secret, it has been well-trailed that there are at least three films being shot simultaneously, Avatar 2, 3 and 4. She has spoken about the Avatar project recently. A further Aliens sequel Prometheus 2 is scheduled for release in 2016.
Sigourney Weaver

From Avatar 2.
Sigourney Weaver 2
sigourney-weaver-914945l-214x0-wtm-ae022bfapic_13pic_1sigourneyweaver-workinggirl-800x540.png weaverpic_7
Sigourney Weaver 5


the disparity between the rich and the poor is increasing.



music from the stone age


Tanzania rock gong

An awareness of the complexity and potential of stone age instruments when they are played leads to a deeper understanding of our ancestors. An understanding that results in an awareness that these people living so long ago differed so little from us. They laughed loved and cried like all of us and expressed these feelings in music and rhythm. This may well have had a significant effect on our evolution as a species.

the roaring forties-final resting place of malaysian airlines flight MH370

th The Roaring Forties 1926 drypoint Hurst

The roaring forties are where the winds are free.
Hurling themselves with ferocious force to tear
And grab remorselessly at anything on deck.
Winds that seek to go below through every nook and cranny
Whirling through the ship to chase men sleeping there.

Winds the ancient mariner knew well, relentlessly
Pressing down upon the rigging even tho’ fully reefed.
Bare poles the only option now to save the vessel
From being engulfed by breaking combers big as cliffs
That come in sequence, the big, the bigger, the biggest yet.

‘Hold on!’ they cry lest you be washed away and drowned.
Hands not strong enough for long, they lash their bodies to the mast.
What chance we now in this frail barque to survive
This dreadful storm? The screaming wind seems louder yet.
Even with the lashings they gasp and groan til break of dawn.

Into this scenario a stricken plane like a leaf on the wind
Did fall. Was all silent on board when the engines stopped?
The nose dipped down, speed picked up as it fell towards the water.
Hardly visible, through the windblown spray and murk.
The structure shattered and broke into a million pieces.

The roaring forties are where the winds are free.
They encircle the globe, blowing ever onwards.
Nothing is in their path as they blow across the boiling swell.
Onward between Australia and the Antarctic they pass roiling
And raging before they howl through the narrows at Cape Horn.

geoff clements

herculaneum; the villa of the scrolls, another example of modern technology allowing the reading of the past

This beautiful villa in California was built by John Paul Getty but he never lived in it or even saw it completed. It is a replica of the Villa of the Scrolls at Herculaneum, the neighbouring town to Pompeii which was also overwhelmed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Like the rest of the town, this villa and all its contents is frozen in time because it was covered in volcanic cinders giving no time for escape. Sumptuously furnished, this villa was almost certainly lived in by Lucius Calphurnius Peto Caesoninus the father-in-law of Julius Caesar who was a scholar. The actual villa is ruined and has only been partially excavated. An extensive collection of papyrus scrolls written in longhand, the equivalent of our books has been found. To date 1700 of these carbonized scrolls have been found here; a unique treasure trove preserved by the volcanic eruption and covered in a thick layer of lava. Early attempts to unroll these fragile remains to read them produced limited success in some cases; even when the fragments were flattened out the writing proved almost impossible to read.  However modern scanning technology is helping to discover more about this unique treasure trove of literature from the ancient world.  Many of the scrolls turn out to be Greek philosophical texts 44 of which were written by the Epicurean philosopher and poet Philodemus.
  It is hoped that it will be possible to read the rest of the scrolls before too long.  Further excavation may yield more scrolls elsewhere in due course.


Above left. The villa as it is now, partially excavated and protected from the weather. Above right. A stage in the scanning process showing the partially crumpled scroll with markers indicating the exact profile.

the (re)searcher


Ceaselessly  he blazed the trail:

Light as a feather  over hill and dale

Alone always ahead of the crowd!

Travelling light! Nothing faster  allowed.

He went where he needed.  New ground,

Always  new ground. No sound!

No eating no sleeping, searching to find,

Thoughts?  No! profounds of mind!*

No explanations!  Intuition he needs.

No one to talk to, onwards he leads!

Hypotheses, models and explanation ;

Abstractions, predictions and replication.

Logic and mathematics  a new realm define.

Negative space the Mirror never need refine,

Unimagined, unseen, inverted but whole,

No longer a part.  He  found his soul.

All  in their dreams can reach this door

But nobody had ever passed through before.

No Grants to write or papers to publish.

Now to distinguish the truth from the rubbish.

geoff clements

* See ‘Ohio ImpromptuSamuel Beckett.

+ A general view of what some researcher’s inner lives are like, but also  might apply to explorers, sportsmen and women, indeed anyone who reaches their limit and goes beyond.  The writer Samuel Beckett described it in perhaps a more general context.  A researcher who came to mind was Paul Dirac whose mathematical logic forced him to predict the existence of antimatter before it was found experimentally.  ‘His’ equation is at the top of the poem.

jack vettriano ‘the critics don’t take sex seriously enough’

It’s not just pictures like The Singing Butler that Jack Vettriano paints, tho’ this painting earns him thousands in royalties each year. He paints intimate situations which can evoke powerful emotions both towards the subject of the painting but also towards the painting itself. Self-taught and disparaged by many critics Jack Vettriano has produced an enormous, and to a large extent uncatalogued series of paintings. Most are privately owned and he has not seen many of the paintings in the current exhibition at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow for many years.

1nightcity1 Night City

Contemplation-of-Betrayal1-160x200 Contemplation of Betrayal
for-my-lovernn For My Lover.

imagesgAfter the Thrill is Gone.

His paintings and prints are selling like hot cakes!