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music from the stone age


Tanzania rock gong

An awareness of the complexity and potential of stone age instruments when they are played leads to a deeper understanding of our ancestors. An understanding that results in an awareness that these people living so long ago differed so little from us. They laughed loved and cried like all of us and expressed these feelings in music and rhythm. This may well have had a significant effect on our evolution as a species.

john tavener


Johns’ music remains as a gift to us all and by which he will be remembered. I hope his spirit is at peace; peace he was searching for during his life on earth.

I was at school with John and remember him well, we were in the same year though he was not a close friend. Even as a teenager he was already clearly exceptionally gifted musically. The school had a great tradition of music in which he flourished. Normally rather retiring, and not a sportsman because of his heart problem, he came into his own when anything to do with music was involved. I can remember him well as our choral director during a school music competition striving with all his might to make the rest of us, who were not musically gifted, sing the music as he could hear it in his head.

agnetha faltskog- ‘A’

Agnetha Faltskog has begun to sing again after a long gap. One of the famous ABBA, and now a granny Agneta has returned to the recoding studio and her new album called ‘A’ has just been released. The magic which had gone has returned and her voice is rounder and has matured but is still clearly Agneta’s. There are many who have been waiting a long time for this and I don’t think they will be disappointed.

on the sunny side of the street


This is a classic, written  in 1930 by Jimmy McHugh (music) and Dorothy Fields  (lyrics) for the Broadway musical Lew Leslie’s International Review  at the beginning of the Great  Depression.  At one time or other it has been performed by virtually  all the jazz legends.

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