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the disparity between the rich and the poor is increasing.



and thus


So we are here and now and then we know.
We know?

What is it to know a thing or two?

Not to know.

and then.

That hurts!

Not really.


Knowing is to be a thee and me
For you the roses.

From me to thee
A living gift
(Take care! Germanic sense.)

On your humble table bare-
No longer.

Grace to share.

With blossoms’ beauty
All Love renewed.

photo geoff clements text geoff clements

selling and advertising-beauty has a value

One of my favourite french actresses Audrey Tautou is a very beautiful woman. Like everyone else in the public eye can she can link her image with the image of a product by advertising. The aim is to act to the advantage of both; greater exposure for the personality and greater sales for the product. What is she selling? I think you will guess from the top right hand corner of the photo. I could not avoid including it in the photo I took of the advertisement in an upmarket magazine here in France. The product is so well known you can guess from the fragments of the letters. This product is sold (or given) to increase the attractiveness of a woman.
Interesting how much the human brain “fills in” what it perceives from information that is memorized in addition to what is experienced.

in the footsteps of thomas illyricus

050/>722029image005.jpgtomas094Thomas Illyricus (1452 to 1528) ‘the hermit’ was a franciscan monk who lived for several years as a solitary near La Teste de Buch. One morning in 1519, after a storm Thomas found a statue of a woman on the shore. Presumably the figurehead of a boat wrecked nearby in the storm. This was taken as a miraculous appearance of the Virgin. Thomas constructed a rough wooden chapel for the statue. This attracted many pilgrims, but was soon washed away. A more substantial brick and stone chapel was built to replace it in 1564. This too disappeared into the shifting sand in 1721. The Virgin remains, having been moved by Imperial decree to the church of Notre-Dame d’Arcachon built in 1860.
Thomas was a controversial figure at the time, frequently criticising the church for venality. Though the geography has changed since his time, the area where Thomas lived as a hermit is still one of the few parts of the shoreline of the Bassin d’Archon not to have been developed. It remains much as it was, a haven of peace for animals and birds.