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climate change must be taken seriously, doctors as leaders of opinion should set an example

Cone snails produce a wide variety of powerful toxins: naturally occurring drugs with potentially enormous potential for use in medicine. As components of the coral reefs whose survival is threatened by global warming the potential use of these is being put at risk.
Just one example of the unknown and unpredictable effects of global warming.



the disparity between the rich and the poor is increasing.



the amazon rainforest is burning: we need it for our survival: act now

Resources are limited on this earth we all share. Tha Amazon rain forest, one of the biggest of the earth’s ‘lungs’ is burning and dying. Take note and act before it is too late. Humanity must find some way of valuing the environment and pricing it’s destruction into our economics. Continual economic growth is just not possible. While the newspapers are full of the damage humans do to each other, we are sleep walking to an environmental and economic disaster.

Burning rainforest-001a
Burning rainforest

earth viewed from saturn by the cassini probe


What a beautiful new picture of our planet Earth viewed from near Saturn by the Cassini probe. Taken during the few minutes the probe was in the shadow of Saturn and it rings on July 19 2013 protecting the sensitive instruments from radiation damage while looking towards the sun.


Raw unprocessed picture of the Earth and its Moon taken with the narrow angle camera.

photos nasa

Carl Sagan and the Human Presence on Earth

What a magnficent contribution to our understanding of ourselves and our part in the Universe Carl Sagan made. Transformational!

nothing endures but change: river meditation

He who does not expect the unexpected will not find it, since it is trackless and unexplored

Heraclitus fragment 7 as quoted by Helen in Euripides ed. William Allan (2008)

current climate models are incomplete and should not be relied on for accurate prediction


This summer there was a record melt of the Greenland ice sheet. Conditions were so extreme that there has been such a warm summer once every 150 years during the last 4000 years recorded in the Greenland ice core record. Not only was there unusually warm air coming up from the south but there was much low cloud. Though cloud reflects light the cloud over Greenland during the summer was thin enough to allow the radiation of the sun to pass through but critically prevented the heat radiating from the ice shet escaping, trapping it and so adding to the thaw.The Greenland ice cap contains 3 million cubic metres of ice, enough to raise the surface of the oceans by 7.4 metres if it all melted.

Clearly most major cities would be totally submerged. The timescale of this melting if the warm weather continues is not possible to predict.

Though the overall temperature is following the lower edge of the envelope predicted by the current climatic models the models are far from complete and cannot be relied on to provide accurate predictions.

the first borisbus running on route 38 in london



This first of the New Bus 4 London has been running for a while on route 38. Like the old Routmaster, now withdrawn from service, one can hop on and off at the rear but on this new bus there are doors in the centre and at the front as well.. More are on order and due to be delivered in April 2013. This fulfills a commitment made by Boris Johnson during his successful campaign to become mayor of London. This new bus is a hybrid drive, using an electric motor normally running from a battery charged by a diesel generator and also energy from regenerative braking. This type of energy conserving system is used in F1 motor sport as KERS (kinetic energy recovery system). Some cars also use regenerative braking, for example the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight to economize on fuel use.