You Are Pure and Infinite

“We are God in disguise”


Man is like a galaxy; at the center there is the black-hole, the divine center, whose infinitude keeps the whole constitution together and functioning. There is also the rotational motion producing a centrifugal force that constantly throws the galaxy out of itself. Rotation of the galaxy is the sign of its life; it is the cause of its separation from the central source,  for what throws a center out of itself is its rotation. Thus, rotation symbolizes The Fall. In the absence of rotation the galaxy collapses onto itself, into its central black-hole. However, it is the destiny of a galaxy to collapse onto its own center, to return to the origin.

It is not that human has undergone The Fall; the human state is The Fall. Life is the separation; the purpose of life should be the realization that separation is a separation in name and form only, that…

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the USA has acted as if it was the victor after the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of Russia

Keynes saw what happened after the First World War and correctly predicted the the unbalanced Versailles Agreement would lead to war.

After that war (World War 2) Keynes chaired the talks that led to an enlightened agreement that led to peace in Europe.

What about the peace there has been after the fall of the USSR. It seems more like a return to 1919 and all the inherent dangers. Now, despite partial nuclear disarmament, the protagonists ( Russia and the USA) have nuclear weapons sufficient to destroy the world many times over.