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consciousness-think the unthinkable! david chalmers   Is consciousness a fundamental component of our universe? Is consciouness, of a sort, everywhere througout the universe? Panpsychism is an ancient point of view and becoming widely accepted as a possible way of integrating recent disoveries in physics and neuroscience into a coherent understanding of how our consciousness(es) arises.

climate change must be taken seriously, doctors as leaders of opinion should set an example

Cone snails produce a wide variety of powerful toxins: naturally occurring drugs with potentially enormous potential for use in medicine. As components of the coral reefs whose survival is threatened by global warming the potential use of these is being put at risk.
Just one example of the unknown and unpredictable effects of global warming.



the amazon rainforest is burning: we need it for our survival: act now

Resources are limited on this earth we all share. Tha Amazon rain forest, one of the biggest of the earth’s ‘lungs’ is burning and dying. Take note and act before it is too late. Humanity must find some way of valuing the environment and pricing it’s destruction into our economics. Continual economic growth is just not possible. While the newspapers are full of the damage humans do to each other, we are sleep walking to an environmental and economic disaster.

Burning rainforest-001a
Burning rainforest

entitled zero

Photo Chilcoot Pass, Klondike gold rush, Alaska 1898
The thief of time ran amock

No Easy Ride one could fortell.

Delays for days, left behind

In freezing slush a cold hell.

Up there yond there is a shock

Along the row the strong nd weak

‘Pass along the line!’ they say.

‘Pass along the line and beyond.

You will find it, what you seek!’.

Love, power, money, influence and

The accoutrements that accompany

Awful attractors of destruction.

Photo Travel chaos China 2014 Daily Mail

seamus heaney 1939 – 2013

Seamus Heaney Timeline photos
Seamus Heaney Timeline photos

A great man has passed by and left his mark.

I will always remember going to an evening with Seamus Heaney in Glasgow 12 years ago.  His spirit filled the hall floating on the poetry he recited.  Not always easy poetry but based on experience and validated by struggle.  The importance of tradition and having come from somewhere distinct, in his case Northern Ireland, was evident, but tempered by an enormous depth of humanity and understanding.  A Nobel Prize and his numerous academic distinctions did not change him.

Star Wars: Images of the Perseid Meteor Shower

A beautiful series of photographs of the tracks of the meteors as they burn up high in the atmosphere.

Science & Space

Every summer about this time of year, the Earth passes through the orbital path of the Swift-Tuttle comet. That might sound a little alarming, but don’t worry—the closest we’re likely to come to the comet itself will be 1 million miles, and astronomers calculate that won’t be until 3044. (Still, a near miss by cosmic standards.) But bits and pieces that have broken off from the tail of the comet do collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, creating one of the most reliable and spectacular star shows of the year: the Perseid meteor shower, so called because the meteors, as they streak across the sky, seem to originate from the constellation Perseus.

This year the shower was intense, with as many as 100 separate shooting stars—cosmic matter burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere—tearing across the sky per minute. (An average meteor shower might have as few as one shooting stars per…

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Carl Sagan and the Human Presence on Earth

What a magnficent contribution to our understanding of ourselves and our part in the Universe Carl Sagan made. Transformational!

dragonfly-identification Boyeria irena (Green-Striped Darner) of the Aeshna family.

One of the most beautiful living things to watch are dragonflies. Their continually changing iridescent colours are one of the summer highlights. A couple of evenings ago one landed on our blind and I was able to get some really good photographs. We are situated in an area of mixed woodland just south of Bordeaux near to a river. Any suggestions for identification? I had a quick look online but could not find a matching photograph. I would like to know what our visitor was. Later that evening it had flew away leaving no trace of eggs.

Noushka says July 18 2013

Thanks for commenting on my dragonfly blog!

You have photographed Boyeria irena (Green-Striped Darner) of the Aeshna family.

It is very difficult to take pictures of this elusive river dragon except when it is still ‘young’ as it travels long distances from the place where it emerges to where it will find mates and another river.  You see them mostly at the end of the day in July when they pass through our gardens to hunt insects.

You have an interesting blog!






reflections on a summer’s day: hold one’s breath in awe!

Some things are so perfect One holds one’s breath in awe! Not a ripple, not a breeze, One holds one’s breath in awe! There is nothing there that moves One holds one’s breath in awe! The surface of the lake is flat and calm, One holds one’s breath in awe! The reflections at the edge So perfect and so true. We hold our breath in awe! photography and text geoff clements