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thinking about gaza-truths, half-truths and lies: help to tiptoe through the issues


Map of gaza; Wikimedia Commons

‘Both sides of this conflict need to compromise’ John Kerry. By the way the USA paid for the bombs that did the damage in Gaza and will pay for most of the aid to rebuild it.
Billions of dollars that could have been spent constructively-treating malaria and Ebola for example.

Also bizarre seeing the commemoration of the centenary of the start of the ‘war to end wars’ by Britain juxtaposed on the TV news with pictures of the Israelis waging a ‘hightech war’ bombing Gaza installations and incurring heavy and predictable civilian casualities in the process.

Ebola virus outbreak in west africa spreading-concerted action needed urgently.


The World Health Organization says that the Ebola haemorrhagic fever virus outbreak now affecting Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone requires additional urgent action despite the help of external experts already in place. This is the largest recorded outbreak of this highly infectious disease and there have been a significant increase in the number of deaths and reported new cases in the last three weeks.

As of June 20 the number of confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Guinea were 390 with 270 deaths and a cumulative total of 158 clinical cases in Sierra Leone of which 34 have been fatal. As of June 22 Liberia had reported 51 clinical cases of which 34 have been fatal .

WHO has convened a meeting of Ministers of health of countries in the region in early July.

the amazon rainforest is burning: we need it for our survival: act now

Resources are limited on this earth we all share. Tha Amazon rain forest, one of the biggest of the earth’s ‘lungs’ is burning and dying. Take note and act before it is too late. Humanity must find some way of valuing the environment and pricing it’s destruction into our economics. Continual economic growth is just not possible. While the newspapers are full of the damage humans do to each other, we are sleep walking to an environmental and economic disaster.

Burning rainforest-001a
Burning rainforest

la lune rouge en france aussi/ a red moon was also seen in france

lune rouge

The rising moon was also blood red in France (les Landes) on the evening of the 15 April though well away from the path of the eclipse by the Earth’s shadow that took place in the USA.