all the world’s a stage!


All for one and one for all!

Appalled the world watches while children burn!

Horrified the spectators stare!  So many maimed.

This is not a Virtual Reality show!

This is real! in living rooms everywhere!

Now!  Do something! and act decisively!

But how?


Albi cathedral The Last Judgement.


No quiz show with the answer there!

Real people dying on-screen now!

Death is no bluff to be postponed!

Or a political position

Taken at one’s choice!

It is there! Inevitable! For us all.

But now?

seamus heaney 1939 – 2013

Seamus Heaney Timeline photos
Seamus Heaney Timeline photos

A great man has passed by and left his mark.

I will always remember going to an evening with Seamus Heaney in Glasgow 12 years ago.  His spirit filled the hall floating on the poetry he recited.  Not always easy poetry but based on experience and validated by struggle.  The importance of tradition and having come from somewhere distinct, in his case Northern Ireland, was evident, but tempered by an enormous depth of humanity and understanding.  A Nobel Prize and his numerous academic distinctions did not change him.

Standing over Syria

Syrian traditional costume.

Details on Syria and an interactive map..

Is there no other way but force?

So many have died already.

Use our imagination and humanity.

Syria is a country of the bible,

Proud peoples with an ancient history.

The world wishes that no more should die.

Gassed in their sleep like rats.

A dirty deed that no one claims.

Women and children are fleeing

Leaving their men behind to fight and die.

Let us think. There are other ways.

Who is standing for what over Syria?

Stand up! Stand up and be counted!

Geoff Clements

its all about art

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Here now.

For us all to communicate.

Talking and sharing together makes killing  difficult.




Sharing thoughts.

Opening oneself to other’s lives.

Talking and sharing together makes killing difficult.




Is art.

Only with another

Brother, sister, trusting, caring, loving.

Talking and sharing together makes killing difficult.




about sharing

Idears  (sic) idear’s (sic)  humo(u)r.

Ideas! Yes! Only with friends one laughs for real!


Text Geoff Clements


poetical form-fibronacci series

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What 1
Am 1
I doing? 2
Why am I here? 3
Writing this poem on WordPress? 5
You might say it’s chance, I would disagree. 8

Was surfing
The net today
I discovered your poetry blog.
You might say it’s chance, I would disagree.


This task.
Like a hamster
On a wheel I run!!
You might say it’s chance, I would disagree.


That so?
Do I really
Want to write this poem?
You might say it’s chance, I would disagree.


Chose to
Write this poem.
I choose the words carefully.
You might say it’s chance, I would disagree.


It seems
The words appear
Already chosen in the rhythm.
You might say it’s chance, I would disagree.


I say
Goodbye! or rather
Adieu! For return I must!
Who is writing this poem now? Thee or me? *

text  Geoff Clements


Star Wars: Images of the Perseid Meteor Shower

A beautiful series of photographs of the tracks of the meteors as they burn up high in the atmosphere.

Science & Space

Every summer about this time of year, the Earth passes through the orbital path of the Swift-Tuttle comet. That might sound a little alarming, but don’t worry—the closest we’re likely to come to the comet itself will be 1 million miles, and astronomers calculate that won’t be until 3044. (Still, a near miss by cosmic standards.) But bits and pieces that have broken off from the tail of the comet do collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, creating one of the most reliable and spectacular star shows of the year: the Perseid meteor shower, so called because the meteors, as they streak across the sky, seem to originate from the constellation Perseus.

This year the shower was intense, with as many as 100 separate shooting stars—cosmic matter burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere—tearing across the sky per minute. (An average meteor shower might have as few as one shooting stars per…

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diana-the price of fame

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The death of Diana remains controversial and many of those involved wish to keep it so.


Is it possible that the truth will ever be known?


past and present-base sous-marine bordeaux(bordeaux submarine base)

The submarine base being built;
The Submarine Base Bordeaux now (Google)

Present and past are mixing now.

The veil of present sifting

Always sifting through the past.


Isn’t she like her mother!

Such a joker, always laughing!

Blonde hair and so keen on the boys!

Hope she doesn’t end up in trouble!


I remember being stuck in a tram

Stuck in a tram during an air raid

On the Pont de Pierre

Nothing to be done but sit and hope.


The RAF was bombing the Nazi submarine base.

Two kilometers away down the river.

If they missed French lives were lost.

It is still there built by slave labour.


Impossible to destroy even now!

Thousands of tons of concrete reinforced

With railway lines. The bombs bounced

Off the roof when they hit directly.


Now a marine base and exhibition centre

With many coloured flags, modern art

And children playing. So different

From that dark night many years ago.


That I remember and  which colours the present.

So when I am gone, who will remember?

Will some one carry the flame of that night

For those who died for us to be free.

Text Geoff Clements


French translation,:  thanks, Anne Marie Clements