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primordial process



No  things, no time,

Just Process

Process, Process.

Continual becoming,

Such pressure ongoing!

Creation from  whence

The Big Bang  came.

But it’s happening

All the time,

All the time.

But I am here with a vertex

A point of view

A perspective

Anything can happen

Tho’ common things

Happen frequently.

Everything is everywhere

All the time.

Just wait and observe.

By the Law of Least Action

At random apparently

The universe is built.

Common events occur commonly

And I can choose

As I am conscious

And have free will..

The builder?

The Everything

And Anything

The Source

Of love and power.

Is Everywhere.

So something is observed

By me

But I did not create it.

And spacetime begins.

It is always beginning

And always ending.


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it’s 50 years since Churchill died.


Well do I remember those cold winter days and nights when thousands queued silently to pay their respects to one of greatest figures of history.
And I remember the journey on the Thames barge, as if a salute by Royalty to a great Commoner.

To realize that was 50 years ago means we who remember him still have become a part of history.

seamus heaney 1939 – 2013

Seamus Heaney Timeline photos
Seamus Heaney Timeline photos


A great man has passed by and left his mark.

I will always remember going to an evening with Seamus Heaney in Glasgow 12 years ago.  His spirit filled the hall floating on the poetry he recited.  Not always easy poetry but based on experience and validated by struggle.  The importance of tradition and having come from somewhere distinct, in his case Northern Ireland, was evident, but tempered by an enormous depth of humanity and understanding.  A Nobel Prize and his numerous academic distinctions did not change him.

its all about art

Thanks to: smashingapps.com
Thanks to: smashingapps.com



Here now.

For us all to communicate.

Talking and sharing together makes killing  difficult.




Sharing thoughts.

Opening oneself to other’s lives.

Talking and sharing together makes killing difficult.




Is art.

Only with another

Brother, sister, trusting, caring, loving.

Talking and sharing together makes killing difficult.




about sharing

Idears  (sic) idear’s (sic)  humo(u)r.

Ideas! Yes! Only with friends one laughs for real!


Text Geoff Clements


gormenghast, is this our future? (or our grandchildren’s)




A relic of civilization survives.  Is this our future?  John Grey gives his thoughts on this massive work by Mervin Peake who grew up in China which heavily influences his writing.  He was also a superb illustrator.  Is the coming century China’s? Only time will tell.  Strange that the USA with its Constitution enshrining individual liberty and justice for all should sacrifice them so easily in its war on terror.  Is the USA, currently the world’s dominant superpower, going to buckle in the face of the increasing influence of China?


A more distant viewpoint was taken by Olaf Stapledon in his very influential and prescient writings (Last and First Men 1830, Starmaker 1938) which describe the rise and fall of civilizations over millennia.



nothing endures but change: river meditation

He who does not expect the unexpected will not find it, since it is trackless and unexplored

Heraclitus fragment 7 as quoted by Helen in Euripides ed. William Allan (2008)

alec guinness: spymaster


Alec Guinness was a versatile and brilliant actor, a keen observer of human nature and of animal behaviour. When young he would follow people as they walked in the street and mimic their behaviour, especially their way of walking. Hopefully they did not notice. He was self depreciating and had a wry sense of humour.

He had an intuitive understanding of human nature, and a bit more. He tells what happened when he met James Dean. Alec Guinness was looking for a place to eat in Los Angeles one evening but the restaurant was full and he was turned away. A young man got up and introduced himself as James Dean and asked if he would like to share his table.
As they got talking James Dean took him to the parking lot and showed off his new sports car. Alec Guinness, who knew nothing about cars,but realized it was a powerful machine, asked how fast it would go.
James Dean said he had not driven it but it would do 150 mph.
Alec Guinness said a strange intuition came to him and he turned to James Dean and said ‘Never get into that car. If you do you are dead.’
He made excuses and left.
He had a premonition that in a weeks time James Dean would be dead.
Almost exactly a week later James Dean was killed driving that car.

morning, evening-the passage of time



the passage of time

the marching passage of time defies us all
the soldier’s feet in rhythm beat the march
the march, the march all together now

the clock ticks, the watched clock ticks slowly
once absorbed the mind thinks of other things
then time passes by with flying wings

a thousand times he watched the body falling
from the Zeppelin to the ground as in his mind
he sought to conjure sense from death

we feel the passing of the years, but feeling
all the time there is the freshness of youth
there round the corner leads us to deny

the baby has a stomach clock that ruminates
upon the next feed and whether mother
will be there for her to feed alone

the lover has a postal clock that watches
for the mail, the heart beats fast as
the postman walks along the street

the worker has a slow clock with hands
that do not turn, seeming to be
frozen there for all eternity

the aged have past time in the present
with memories vivid of the past
that noone wants to hear again

the lost child searching for mother
has anxiety time fearful of the other
that might be there around the corner

the marching passage of time deifies us all
(what a difference one letter makes!)
to be conscious is to be aware of time

all humanity could sit with gods above
if our actions did not always bring us
back to earth for us to struggle up again

geoff clements