Where is quantum physics taking us?

Where do things go to when we lose them? You will have had the experience of looking for something one has just put down and failing to find it. Look well and nothing is found. The room is empty of the object one had in one’s hand a second ago. Nowhere to be found however hard one looks The_Time_Machine_Classics_Illustrated_133 Then five minutes later when thinking of something else one re-enters the room and there is the object in plain sight. Sliding Doors A film that investigates the two parallel lives that emerge as a result of the heroine making the choice between two trains for her journey home. Slidingdoors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sliding_Doors There is also the question of time travel, is it possible or not? http://www.bbc.com/news/business-30862837 What is philosophy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2iJNDbBEAc w.londonaestheticsforum.org/?page_id=1139 I have been driving along and someone looking straight at me drives out into the road as if I was not there. I have to take avoiding action otherwise we would have crashed into each other. Walking along the beach I suddenly became aware of someone behind me. I am sure he was not there a moment before. He seemed as surprized as I was. Many Worlds Wheeler Everett http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Many-worlds_interpretation Hugh-Everettwell Does time pass? Well for a start it is a component of space/time forming a part of Einstein’s intuitive understanding of the way our universe is structured. so time does not really ‘pass by’.. http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2015/book-brad-skow-does-time-pass-0128 The Garden of Forking Paths 200px-ElJardínDeSenderosQueSeBifurcan Does one need the presence of an ‘observer’ (consciousness?) to force a split, ie make a decision? That depends what one means by consciousness. There is much support at present for the idea of a monist viewpoint (matter and thought are made of the same stuff) with some form of consciousness forming an essential component and being spread out over the entire universe and its content of energy/matter when they are fully explained. Before observation the best description of the position of point is everywhere. To take the above literally our brains before observation will be everywhere. Even if our thoughts are synonomous with our brain (probably not true) our thoughts would be verywhere….. After an observation is made a point appears and acieves a position in space I as an iondividual occupy a unique position in the universe and act as the the observer. Do not have to have an ‘awareness’ in a universe to have matter. The genetic code must have structure if it is to function and self-evidently this existed before human con sciousness appeared on the scene. Our minds act as linkers of events to make a story and our memory holds it together. As a result we ‘make sense’ of the world.

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