The Mystery of Existence

Just follow the logic of this piece.


Consciousness is by nature consciousness-of something. It is not that consciousness is at liberty to have or not to have an object. There cannot be consciousness without it being consciousness-of something. This characteristic is not an attribute of consciousness; it is its essence. It is called Intentionality or the intentional structure of consciousness. This feature is also expressed in Hinduism by the phrase Satchidananda as the essence of the supreme reality; it translates into Existence-Knowledge-Bliss. The existence aspect implies the object or a being, while the knowledge aspect relates the consciousness’s fundamental entanglement with the being or that which exists as the intended object of consciousness. Thus, consciousness cannot be disentangled from its object, for consciousness is precisely defined as that which has an object.

Another important logical feature of consciousness is that its object cannot have been separate from it at any point, as if there existed a moment…

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