child’s play

darkThe trees were dark and dank down along beside the drive.

It’s easy even now to imagine that’s where ghosts reside.

That eerie feeling I well remember, lasted all the night.

Grannie came to say “sleep tight”.”We’re not afraid!” We lied

When she asked us to talk about the war we loved to wage.

We imagined there were demons from whom we must be saved.

Playing in amongst the rhododendrons along the paths we made,

“Be brave and strong! Be the first!” Never could lose face!

We would play all day and at the end try and hide from nurse.

It always was the sound of  bells ringing in the church

That told us ‘Now game’s  over’ for better or for worse.

One fine day at the end of play Jenny found she had no purse.

Searching in the dark, though full of fears of going back,

We lost our childish terrors of ghosts and all of that.

geoff clements

16 thoughts on “child’s play”

  1. ha. we used to play war in the forest out back….probably scariest place i have ever been is inside an abandoned house out in the woods in the middle of the night…i think we all about pissed ourselves…but hey having something else to think on like that purse def helps overcome the fear…

    nice job on the rhymes, like how you played the re/side

  2. Concerned in Scotland asks: Did you find Jenny’s purse?

    Good work with the line-endings; reside was a nice twist. I enjoyed the story, the little white lie to Granny rings so true … smiles

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