All the time rain

Its hard to keep sane

When all there is pain.

Keep free from pain.


Sit in the wheelchair!

Looking! ‘This is not fair!’

Eyes say  ‘You don’t care

I don’t get my share’


How can I cope?

When there’s no hope!

This is no joke!

Can’t explain to folk.


Oft-times invisible

Sometimes its risible

Life’s hardly livable

Hardly a syllable!

wchr%20drway%20manvre%201Going through a door.       Copyright:Text geoff clements:  Illustration Rod A Hunter.

18 thoughts on “Wheelchair”

  1. interesting view…i have some friends in chairs…i know for them when they first took to the chair it was hard…they dont really show as being frustrated now or even really talk about it…makes me want to ask them…

    1. I am sure that like everyone else people in wheelchairs have good days and bad days. This tries to capture the feelings of having a bad time with the associated pain and feelings of vulnerability that goes with it.

  2. i have two colleagues at work who sit in a wheelchair – and it’s tough how everyday things get difficult and how things that others just walk around become big barriers

  3. Every time I use the London underground, I find myself gazing up at the schematic for the particular line and wondering how wheelchair users cope with so few stations being accessible for them (it’s better than it was, but still….)

  4. What I notice, for people with disabilities, is how often they must feel invisible – people look away because they seem afraid, when a normal cheery Hi would probably go a long ways.

  5. True. We would like the disabled to be invisible because it is too confronting to be faced with anything different . I am always amazed how blind people can find their way with just a dog to guide them. It is rare to see anyone trying to assist them.We really do live in a heartless world. If there is one quality I appreciate… it is kindness.

  6. A wheelchair, and how difficult it must to be to get by.. How wonderful to see, when someone takes the room they have the right to… I had study budy in wheelchair, and I recall how people always talked to his assistant rather than to him.. Good reminder

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