nelson mandela

This is his full length funeral in Soweto as presented by ITN.

Nelson Mandela is dead.

Father of the Rainbow Nation

Nelson Mandela is dead!

His shadow covers us all.

Nelson Mandela is dead!!

Implacable defender of liberty.

Nelson Mandela is dead!!!

Respected by his enemies.
Nelson Mandela is dead!!!!!

He was magnanimous in victory.

Nelson Mandela is dead!!!!!

Reconciliation the only way.

Nelson Mandela lives on.

New movie: The Long Walk to Freedom.

41 thoughts on “nelson mandela”

  1. he def lives on in the legacy that he left behind in the hearts of so many…i wish him peace after all his years of service….i really like how you use the repetition in this….

    1. He made the rest of us look pretty small-and its continuing after his death. Yesterday, the current French President François Hollande said that Nelson Mandela was “chairing” the important meeting on Security in Africa he was having with African Heads of State.

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