the better option

“The world incarnates to the physical plane full of intention. An idea of what may be created exists within, waiting for the opportunity to bring it forth into reality.
Often the soul becomes encumbered with multiple dramas that unfold while walking through life. A feeling of being stuck can derail many from their goals.
It is important to remain clear thinking and feeling so progress can be made. Most wish to change the situation while calling out to those who might be prohibiting their path. Perhaps a closer look internally so that you may change yourself might be the better option.
Burst free from self imposed restraints. Look closely at the ingredients. Are you really fearful of failure , or is it success?
Is there a pause where you need to be decisive?
The physical is filled with labels and definitions. Remember that you are the “star” in your life. Become aware of what hinders your light. Take that hinderance and really look at with honesty.
Failure and success can feel and appear to be the same thing. Both need to be embraced so that the fear forward can be rendered. More often than not, both require change. That change begins in you.
Being aware of fear can help change it to confidence. Be ready to embrace the opportunity.
No fear is the formula to being able to live out your soul’s intention.
Identify the fear. It may not have the power you are giving it.”


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