jung’s reply to an anonymous letter writer

Near his death at the age of 86 Jung replied to a letter writer:
“My life has been a lonely one. Some understand this, some that, but none the whole. The only thing I can really tell people is they do have a soul and there is a treasure beyond in a field, waiting for them”
Jung’s great discovery was he was not “master in his own house,” that there was a LIVING autonomous evolving life force in his psyche that was (as) old as the(human) race itself, that was trying to manifest itself, using him (every one of us) as a vehicle, in space and time.
That is what all art, all music, all lyric is. An eternal living life force within us forever growing in depth, and manifesting itself in the world of time and space using humans as its vehicle.
“Humans are the only seeing eye of God,” he famously said.
This makes everyone’s life of cosmic significance. What they realize in their lives, resonates in ALL lives that follow.

thanks to Craig Nelson Carl Jung Depth Psychology.

(  ) editing by geoff clements

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