that it cares; whoever cares

Welsh Green Rockery

The Stone of Destiny Stone of Scone Liath Fail Picture

Stitched Panorama (10 images)

Can an ‘it’ care?  A stone for example…………….S

What is the difference between an object ( our stone) and a person? P

Yes, I hear you say that our embodied being is an object.

But it is something more as well.  X

P + X

Or is it just that we are not aware of the sentience of the stone?  Y

S + Y

The Welsh green rockery by naming acquires a history and to some extent a future!

The Stone of Scone is said to determine the destiny of the King of Scotland.

The Rosetta Stone’s information has opened up the culture of ancient Egypt to our modern culture.

And do not forget there was/is Peter/Pierre- oh, the French are so neat and succinct!

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