the arms trade: $10 is spent per person in the world each year on conventional arms. links to resources

Money that would be better used helping refugees


The BBC news has stated that $70 billion is spent on the conventional arms trade each year. This was true in 2010 and the budgets have increased since then. Basically it is the rich countriesmanufacturing and selling most of these arms.

If the global population is 7 billion, that makes it $10 per person in the world, and rising each year that is spent on conventional arms.

Given that over half the world’s population earns less than $1 a day and that we have finite resources on the planet, does this make sense? The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs is meeting this week to try to broker a treaty to reduce this spending. It is getting little publicity because there are so many other news stories running.

Here are some facts and figures:

Amnesty International have published a beginner’s guide:

Which 5 countries buy the most…

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