looking towards Syria, dawn 21 august 2013


Blood red towards the east was the sky that morning

But here was no blood, just desperate writhing bodies

Foaming at the mouth and gasping, struggling there.

Looking towards Syria that fateful morning.


But there was no blood, so why the red?

Perhaps it’s Gaia‘s blush of shame.

An attack at night on sleeping children.

Looking towards Syria.  She tries to understand.


In future years the old soldier talking with yet unborn children….

Oh yes!  He said, I was part of the brigade that did the gas attacks.

For there were many!  He talked,eyes shining, standing straight.

“I saved my country then and I am proud to tell you that.”

Looking towards Syria and trying to understand.

Text and photographs geoff clements

4 thoughts on “looking towards Syria, dawn 21 august 2013”

  1. nice touch on the blush of nature trying to understand why we do the things we do…syria has been heavy on my heart the last several weeks as well….can you imagine being part of that brigade as well…ugh

    1. Thanks Brian, Syria is a tribal society still in many ways. The ‘us’ being in the right and all the others hardly counting. Assad and his clan know they must win or die, He is paying for the atrocities his father committed in order to stay in power.

  2. Being human can be an ‘aweful’ ugly thing or an ‘awful’ beautiful thing..I suppose all cultures and peoples choose the beauty they believe in or what may be ugly2…

    The human condition and man in general is the most beautiful and terrifying species all in one reflecting the truer truth of reality that many refuse to accept…the image of god is both beautiful and ugly as one…for perfecKtion of what IS as ALL as that IS ALL AS IS…

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