sunset and saturn 14 august 2013


Thank you NASA

There have been some beautiful sunsets recently as the weather has been settled and clear here in France. A marvellous feature has been Saturn brilliant in the sunset if you know where to look.  After the sun has set it is no longer necessary to search to find Saturn, setting an hour or so after the sun. Its wonderfully beautiful ring system visible even with a small hand held camera.

This is the converse of the view of the Earth from Saturn taken from the Cassini probe a few weeks ago!

A photo from NASA’s archives followed by a series of four photographs of the sunset taken by me.  Saturn becomes increasingly visible as the light fades.  A fifth photo taken at full magnification by me allows the impression of the ring system to be seen.  Finally a picture taken by Anthony Wesley in March earlier this year shows the rings as they are now as viewed from Earth.  Remember the rings of Saturn change position relative to the Earth as the planets orbit the Sun.

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