some parts of france carry many links to the past-beaumont de lomange


The huge old market hall at Beaumont de Lomange is going to have the cobblestone floor restored. The details of the project are posted publicly.






Pierre Fermat (1601/7 to 1665) was born here and there is a statue in the town square erected to his memory. It gives some detail of his life and mathematical work.  It is no understatement to say that he founded the development of modern mathematics  and statistics.  Though a lawyer and remaining an ‘amateur’ mathematician throughout his life, he corresponded with the major people active in the field at the time: PascalDescartes, Huygens and  Wallace among others.  Issac Newton said that with  the help of Fermat’s writings  he was able to develop the use of  calculus.  Fermat’s  last  theorem famously  found by chance by his son, pencilled in the margin of a page of  a copy of Diophantus   was not proved until 1994   by Sir Andrew Wiles  .  Fermat did not have space to write his proof apparently but he was always an intuitive worker and never bothered much about the niceties of mathematical proofs.  What would he have thought of the stone statue of him in the square, replacing the earlier bronze taken by the German army during the war to melt down for weapons?


The walls of the buildings around the square retaining the traces of past advertisements: Note that the usage of the buildings has not changed much with time.

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