alec guinness: spymaster

Alec Guinness was a versatile and brilliant actor, a keen observer of human nature and of animal behaviour. When young he would follow people as they walked in the street and mimic their behaviour, especially their way of walking. Hopefully they did not notice. He was self depreciating and had a wry sense of humour.

He had an intuitive understanding of human nature, and a bit more. He tells what happened when he met James Dean. Alec Guinness was looking for a place to eat in Los Angeles one evening but the restaurant was full and he was turned away. A young man got up and introduced himself as James Dean and asked if he would like to share his table.
As they got talking James Dean took him to the parking lot and showed off his new sports car. Alec Guinness, who knew nothing about cars,but realized it was a powerful machine, asked how fast it would go.
James Dean said he had not driven it but it would do 150 mph.
Alec Guinness said a strange intuition came to him and he turned to James Dean and said ‘Never get into that car. If you do you are dead.’
He made excuses and left.
He had a premonition that in a weeks time James Dean would be dead.
Almost exactly a week later James Dean was killed driving that car.

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