morning, evening-the passage of time



the passage of time

the marching passage of time defies us all
the soldier’s feet in rhythm beat the march
the march, the march all together now

the clock ticks, the watched clock ticks slowly
once absorbed the mind thinks of other things
then time passes by with flying wings

a thousand times he watched the body falling
from the Zeppelin to the ground as in his mind
he sought to conjure sense from death

we feel the passing of the years, but feeling
all the time there is the freshness of youth
there round the corner leads us to deny

the baby has a stomach clock that ruminates
upon the next feed and whether mother
will be there for her to feed alone

the lover has a postal clock that watches
for the mail, the heart beats fast as
the postman walks along the street

the worker has a slow clock with hands
that do not turn, seeming to be
frozen there for all eternity

the aged have past time in the present
with memories vivid of the past
that noone wants to hear again

the lost child searching for mother
has anxiety time fearful of the other
that might be there around the corner

the marching passage of time deifies us all
(what a difference one letter makes!)
to be conscious is to be aware of time

all humanity could sit with gods above
if our actions did not always bring us
back to earth for us to struggle up again

geoff clements

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