ellen key

Ellen Key (1849 – 1926) was a Swedish teacher and writer and a fiercely independent individualist with a love of nature. Sometimes termed feminist, though hardly appropriate partly because the term had hardly been coined in her time but also because she regarded men and women as equal, though different. She was largely self-educated at home, having the use of her parent’s extensive library from a very young age. Her father, Emil Key a prominent Swedish liberal politician was an important influence on her life. For a few years she acted as her father’s secretary and ran his home when he was in Stockholm and accompanied him on travels abroad. Latterly he fell into debt and she had to make her own career becoming a gifted teacher, running her own school for girls in Stockholm. The articles in Swedish here can be translated by the sites on request.ellen nkeya

ellenb key<a href="http://www.ellenkey.se

Ellen Key’s Strand is her beautiful home and was also a school for girls on the shore of lake Vatter and at the foot of the Omberg hill is in a very traditional area of Sweden, Ostergotland. The beautiful gardens are being renovated and developed as she intended.
The most influential book Ellen Key wrote was ‘The century of the Child’http://runeberg.org/barnets/

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