crowds over the years

London Olympics opening 2012
London Olympics opening 2012
Watching Lady Diana's funeral, Hyde Park 1197
Watching Lady Diana’s funeral, Hyde Park 1197
Piccadilly Circus VE day 1945
Piccadilly Circus VE day 1945
Volunteers to go to war 1914
Volunteers to go to war 1914
New year 1900 St Paul's
New year 1900 St Paul’s

What a difference! Technology, fashions, comportment for a start. It seems the individual has appeared! It is interesting to reflect on these photos taken at important times during the last 113 years. I wonder how many of us have a relative among the crowd photographed in front of St Paul’s in 1900? They could not imagine the changes that were about to take place that would alter all their lives for ever.

Over this time the British gene pool has changed little, not being significantly influenced by the deaths of solders 1914-1918 war or the Influenza pandemic in 1919. How many of the faces seen in the first two photographs were still alive in 1920?
The biggest changes have been in the second half of the century and caused by immigration and increase in life expectancy.
In studies of identical twins brought up separately the environment is found to contribute about 50% and the genome 50% to the variation seen.

So ‘we’ are made up from the results of the interaction of our DNA and our environment, probably on average half from our genes and half from our environment; and it is we ourselves who have a major influence on our environment, both intentionally and unintentionally.

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