the siren warning

The Russian meteorite
meteorasteroid The asteroid passing by

It was a lovely day today,
A lovely sunny day to be alive,
Living in this precious world we share.

As we go along our way
Things that happen as we strive,
Pass by, we never look around to stare.

Oh beguiling time makes us stay
In the shallows of what could be life.
Innocent of things that transpire elsewhere.

The asteroid whistling on its way.
The unexpected meteor that took a dive.
A warning to us all of other things out there.

We look for safety from the fray,
The usual hubris that we will survive.
For safety is a mirage, you must be aware.

Gardening in tranquility I stay,
The robin at my side. Suddenly like a knife
A siren sounds. An ambulance. A life no longer here to share.

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