alan turing

In February the film ‘Codebreaker will be shown in the USA using a new distribution method -Theatrical on Demand.

The video is a lively and very enthusiastic introduction which i think Turing would have appreciated! by Richard Buckland UNSW Computing, Extension Lectures.

I first heard of some of Alan Turing’s work when I was an undergraduate in 1964. I met his ideas about differentiation and embryonic development and artificial intelligence. There was also the Turing Test to determine if one was communicating with a person or a machine. That was about it; but his ideas had a resonance with me, a sort of crystalline clarity. His death was mysterious, at that time in Britain there was still taboos around homosexuality. Not being a mathematician the 1936 paper did not really register with me. The rest, as we now know, was secret. Computers were in the University Department of Computing, at the most a Department might have a desk calculator.

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