attracting attention

We all like attention. How to get it?
Einstein was very attractive to many women because of his intellect rather than his looks. Another strategy to follow to be is to be big, very big and you get noticed. This works better for men than for women.
Another approach is more direct. Exposure of parts of the body having sexual connotations, the more exposure the better, and the more often the better. (I choose not to be explicit here, but little could be more explicit than the man’s pants)
Third is more subtle and indirect, male and female have different approaches here, but here both use red. The man looks away pretending not to be interested or ‘on display’. In fact though by following his gaze, as you do…..
The woman is looking directly but her expression is saying ‘Me, interested in you?’

Not very far from the Bower bird and the Peacock!

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