a relaxation session

thAs they gathered in the room, dusk fell and the shadows lengthened. Sitting in a circle each in turn gave a few comments as to where they were in their life situations, and what they hoped for from the session. “I have a stiff neck and look for relaxation” said one. “Relaxation all over” said another.”Its my back, lower back where the tension is” says a third.

After listening, smiling and nodding her head the leader gently began. “To start close your eyes and gently feel the world around you. Let it go and feel your hands resting on you thighs. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth regularly. Now scan from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes. How do they feel? Now rub your feet against the floor, turning them so that the inner side and outer sides of the feet also touch the floor. How does it feel now?”

“Move your thoughts to your hands, feel your fingers touching your thighs, move them about. How does that feel? Remember your breathing…”

His mind was away, leaving the room and going back to the morning before. When checking his blog he found that someone had visited and liked one of the stories he had written….He wondered about them, who they were and why they had happened upon his work.

‘Lift your hands up to your face and stroke the skin of your forehead gently, then bring your hands down to your eyes. Gently stroke the soft skin of your eyelids…..”

Strange he thought, how rarely one strokes the eyelids. At least as a man. Presumably women would when they removed makeup. His mind then wandered onto the differences between men’s and women’s bodies and how that determined large parts of their lives. Even in tolerant societies.

“Now slowly stand up. Stretch your arms out to each side of you. Your bodies are like electrical relays between the earth and the cosmos”

Careful! He did not want to touch the lady on his left. So he sneaked a look through half closed eyes to see where she was. Oh! a long way away behind her chair.

“Lift your arms up above your head. Entwine your fingers if you want and turn them palms up. Separate your arms a little and feel the cosmic energy pouring into you from the sky.”

Yes he could feel something there out beyond himself in a vague general kind of way. He felt rather proud of himself, feeling that this was some kind of progress. The ha caught himself and remembered not to grasp progress, but to let it go.

“Now extend your arms all around your body as if building a shield to protect yourselves all over. Bring up your level of awareness and then you choose to open your eyes and look around you as if for the first time.”

It had gone dark outside and the bright light of the room was shining outside.The group was clearly visible to passers by in the street. He looked around. The room seemed fresher and the others in the group seemed a little less anxious.

How do you feel?” Asked the leader a little tentatively.

“Relaxed”. “Less tense” “What a good session”

She smiled a was herself able to relax from carrying the burden of the session.

Photo Michaelangelo The Prisoners.

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