richard feynman lectures in physics

Richard Feynman’s lectures are famous, his rather laconic personality coming through in a delightful fashion. He had the ability to cut through to the core of problems, understand their basics and present these in a crystal clear manner. The co-inventor of quantum electrodynamics and Nobel Prize winner, introduces us to the study of light and to the diagrams that bear his name. Particles or waves? No! Particles AND waves, but how can this be possible?  Given in 1979 in Aukland NZ these Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures have not dated. They are as fresh as when they were first presented. Also included above is a link to other lectures by Feynman.
Richard Feynman spent the last few years of his life, while very ill, contributing to the enquiry into the Challenger space shuttle disaster. He confronted the whole team with a direct demonstration of the brittleness and fragility of the O rings after being cooled in ice; a very simple practical demonstration that forced the USA manned space programme to rethink its strategy in a major way.
The Children’s Encyclopedia edited by Arthur Mee, written in 1930, shows how our understanding has grown.

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