spiritual emergency-stanislav grof


Now in his eighties this pioneering psychiatrist makes the point that there are non-ordinary states of consciousness that are a part of the human heritage, for example that of this traditional shaman pictured above. Rather than regarding them as pathological, perhaps some of these states are potentially protective or transformatory. They offer a potential way out of the spiritual crisis mankind is currently trapped in. Perhaps they provide a springboard for evolutionary change.

4 thoughts on “spiritual emergency-stanislav grof”

  1. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for commenting my dragonfly blog!
    You have photographed Boyeria irena ( Green-Striped Darner) of the Aeshna family.
    It is very difficult to take pictures of this elusive river dragon except when it is still ‘young’ as is travels long distances from the place where it emerges to where it will find mates around another river. You see them mostly at the end of the day in July when they pass through our gardens to hunt insects.
    You have an interesting blog!

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