spirit of place- the garden robin

The garden robin comes to visit me in the morning as soon as the blinds are rolled up. It hops about and looks at me with head on one side as if to ask me how I slept and when am I getting up. With its red breast it is like a little ball, it could be either male or female, feathers fluffed up against the cold morning air.
If I work in the garden collecting leaves or cutting the hedge it is there like a little shadow, following me. Certainly I am useful because I turn things over and disturb insects and expose lots of things it can eat. It has virtually no fear of me, looking for company and coming right up close to my hands while I am working. But I feel it is more than that, it is sharing its space with me by a deliberate choice. The garden is not mine but the robin’s and it is an honour for me to be tolerated. Indeed that is true as robins are very territorial with respect to other robins. If another robin visits the territory there is a display by the owner that makes it very clear the stranger is not welcome.
Thinking about this I begin to wonder about ‘Spirit of Place’. Is the robin in some way embodying this Spirit and sharing it with me?
photo geoff clements from The Children’s Encyclopedia edited by Arthur Mee

2 thoughts on “spirit of place- the garden robin”

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