Is it biologlcal warfare?

polio_weve_been_here_before02_slide-a9b12bba3e1cd9b0185395ee73be9a628224dd30-s6-c10polio-victimsTwo more workers have been shot dead in Pakistan today and a third worker seriously injured in the latest of a series of attacks leaving more than ten people dead. The UN in Pakistan have taken all the workers off the streets leaving the vaccination programme on hold. Over the last thirty years the global eradication programme has eliminated polio from all but three countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Originally the target was to eliminate polio by 2000 but wars and famine have delayed the programme. Now the elimination of the disease which would be an enormous boon for the whole of humanity is being deliberately obstructed and used for political ends.

3 thoughts on “Is it biologlcal warfare?”

  1. I sometimes think humanity is put just far enough out of reach so when a political platform is needed to hide and disguise what the politicians are really doing it is put out to place blame on someone else…and the circle of lies continues…..and still nothing is done to relieve the sufferings

    what a sad picture….


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