First person/Third person: Dualism/Monism: Subjective/Objective.

When an experiment is carried out, there is:

A ‘the stuff of the experiment’,

B the machinery to do the experiment for example a  microscope or the CERN accelerator.

C  at least one human observer..ultimately, the seers.

and (do not forget) D the rest of the Universe/Multiverse..

If it is an experiment on Quantum Physics :

A is to be ‘understood’ at a quantum level, if the experiment works!  (By the way what does understanding  mean?  Does understanding mean being able to report the presence of a series of smudges on a photographic plate, or the figures on a dial like a parrot? Or does it mean to have a hunch that these results represent the possibility of there being say, a Higgs Boson?  If so, implied is a deep and intuitive understanding of the field and how the results of a particular experiment might relate to it).

B, may or may not be interpreted at a quantum level depending on the choice of the ‘see’rs. and how it is set up

C The C seers in an experiment on quantum physics are themselves excluded from the quantum world they are examining. However they cannot be entirely excluded.   This is not so if the experiment is on the understanding of quantum consciousness!!

D The rest of the Universe/Multiverse?  Just as usual it is ‘becoming’ all the time everywhere!.  It is made up of some very large objects like galaxies and small things like protons and electrons and some even smaller things like quarks.  Surely the correct ‘interpretation’ must be that everything is both interpretable at a quantum scale by the rules of eg Einstein and Bohr  (our sense experience has no direct sensitivity  to detect this world) and also interpretable on a direcly seeable and feelable level deriving from our own sensual experience using the rules described by classical physics  eg Newton.

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